Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In the Color of My Eye

I am saddened to read that Kodachrome may not be produced any more. Not that I've ever used it, but it's turning into the last samurai, knight of the Round Table, or free Internet; mythological. It produces wonderful color, more so that film we have even today. And what's to keep film manufacturers going with testing/creating new film with the pressing advances of digital? The only thing that they have been working on is the processing of film, from what I can tell, or more directly, film that processes differently. This is assuredly for the processors own benefit—they've got mouths to feed too.

Meanwhile, the erstwhile photographer/artist is left to scrounge for the most equivalent film they can find, going over the edge with quickly expiring film dates, and just doing the best that they can do. Can digital do for us what vibrant, three color processing did for us in the '60s and '70s?

Hm, no.

O', give me my 126 Kodacolor and Instamatic!

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