Sunday, May 31, 2009

You Should've Been There

...Been a long time since I posted something of substantial content here, so surprise!

I've been pushing myself into taking photos, snatching up some nice cameras add great prices, the old manual types. This hindered my passion for writing. Though it is well known to me, that the writing spirit comes and goes, and usually returns with a vengeance. As the process has done once again. Turn off NCIS, and look out keyboard!!

What do I have brewing on the stove? One story delves into the past lives of classmates, through the aging mind of a man living in a rest home. He looks back at his classmates, unknowingly because his mind is taking him on this journey, failing and wild. He has lost contact with the present, and is watching the people that he hardly knew. For the reader, it will be a chance to get caught up in the stories that may be partly true; for me, pure fantasy.

The other idea is an old friend, the essay. And an old (other) passion, comic books. I forget why I wanted to write it, but I do remember that I was laying down, trying to go to sleep, and my mind wandered into the realm of Anime, and warped into the B&Ws of the late Eighties. The essay, has me jazzed.

Meanwhile, time to make a new 'journal' on photography..., like everyone else.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dangerous Games by Marina Abramovic

An interview in Art in America, with Abramovic, has her saying that she got the idea while at a shaman ritual--children were running around playing with plastic guns while the peaceful 'performance' was going on.