Monday, October 26, 2009

Take a Penny, Take a Pound

Actually wondering if deep discounts at the store/online level will ever transpose to the publisher, who is still getting 50% of the list price (the so-called wholesale price). If the publishers want to make more money, lower the price and THEN sell more books!

If You're Seeing Pink, There's Plenty of Excuses

Condé Nast doing more layoffs? They are really stringing out the employees' emotions. And they are not the only ones:

And what about Playboy? The magazine is reducing circulation drastically, just to cut down on printing cost. Two types lose here: The sub, "I'm sorry, we no longer honor your subscription. We also apologize that you paid in advance as we specified."
And, the advertiser: "We will not meeting the circulation amount that we told you we would when you paid millions of dollars to us. We will pocket that money, and do not apologize."