Saturday, September 20, 2008

If You've Got the Guns, Shine Them Up for the Show

I'm going to write another essay, about subject close to my heart; U.S. carrier naming. Boring, right? Well, it's really chaffing my hide what the Navy and the government have been doing for the last ten years or so. The essay will most likely be slanted, but I can't help that. The antagonists are very powerful...

Until then, here's this: I am not surprised by HSM 3's producers recent move. They have told the actors to bring their game faces—essentially, "Put up your best theatrical skills." One sweet play by them. What does this mean? My guess, is that it's a money move by the studio (Disney, of course. It is the Wal-Mart of the movie business). Disney most likely acted like this would be just another High School Musical movie, premiering on t.v., and then going to video within a short time. As seen by HSM2, that worked out very well for them, getting the best ratings ever for a premier broadcast of a movie on cable (or air broadcast, I believe). A real ratings winner for them. Disney got top dollar for commercials based on previous ratings and all the hoopla for #1. But what is their next best move? The theaters, of course, the real path to dollars.

There was speculation during casting, that HSM3 might go straight to theaters, but squashing of these rumors was quickly put into play. It was supposed to be another Disney cable movie. So, everybody plays along, signing contracts right away, or holding out, going to the table, asking for more. Of course, Disney knows that any increase in pay over previous installments are mere nickels and dimes compared to the outcome of HSM3. Everybody knows. But, up Disney's sleeve is an ace. After everyone has signed, and pre-production is under way, and all those that need to know come to know, Disney and producers drop the bomb; "We're going big time!" (They're recent announcement is just a hint, or a warm-up. Just you wait and see.)

Now it's too late, almost everyone is locked in at low pay, without leverage. Disney has got a blockbuster for cheap. It certainly won't be a Guys and Dolls, but it will turn out to be a 50 cent Titanic, without the Oscar please.

Well played, Disney. Well played.

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