Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Old Subscription

Digging out of the closet of forgottens, I pulled out the November 2006 issue of Spin magazine. Not sure I've ever read it, it has Gnarls Barkley on the cover—which is torn at the top. So, starting in the back, the first major story I run into is Sleater-Kinney calling it quits and having one last show in Washington to 'celebrate'. This was news to me.

The next surprise was a little blurb on a 'new' movie starring Heath Ledger; "Candy". It's about two junkies. There is also a review of "The Fountain" (not a bad movie), and "Borat". More music reviews, including a fav, The Decemberists' "The Crane Wife". And Lady Sovereign; is she still around?

There's more, but I'm tired, and the only thing I accomplished today was writing a review of James Joyce's "Dubliners". Check out the book, a collection of his first short stories.

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