Thursday, August 19, 2010

Saddle Up, 'Cause We're Riding Hard

Going through another bout of insomnia, I get plenty of time to think. Thinking is the anti-thesis to sleep, so in order to combat thinking (which usually pertains to work history), I start to imagine stories; mostly new stories. My best stories come from this time of the day/night, when my mind is most active and alert. It's really on its toes.

So, what's the story? It was a Western. Going along, I knew right off that it was a little dark, and the hero was an anti-hero. I see him as a young Duke, with a little brassy McQueen. The story was going very well, and I was hooked. Then as more people were coming into it, I was seeing older actors, from the old black-and-white movies of the West. It was beautiful. Sometimes the main character was snarky, playful, and wonderfully believable. I was having fun with it.

Then, I noticed something..., this is the same character that I wanted for my Untitled Western, the first Western I have ever started. And this story, was the point I needed for the plot to continue, because I was blocked, rather, in the dark about where the story should go, and what was the gist of the characters' actions. But, this was only the backstory, the unknown story, the one that no one will probably ever read. Or perhaps, it will be the actual end of the story/novel, that will explain everything.

It's mahvelous!

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