Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can't Ruin the Ruined

It's late, and I'm tired. Just a few things:

Both vehicles died. The van is scrap (literally), and the car needs transmission rebuilt. At home, trying to stay sane, and get the car repaired this week.

Been working the photography thing, so, not so much writing. But, will probably work on my website.

Watched a handful of movies.

Just added Lisa Anne Auerbach to my follow list. She co-founded The Casual Observer zine, from the '90s, and was but a handful of the nation's best zines back then. She been up to a lot lately.


1 comment:

Lisa said...

How on EARTH did you ever find The Casual Observer? Were you working with us at the Observatory back then?
Thanks for the Google Shopper idea. Of course, this means I have to actually figure out what to buy before looking for a price, which for me means I'll probably go back to the Waring blender I got from the flea market 15 years ago. It seems to work OK. Not as good as the Kitchen Aid one did, but in the end, that one really blew....