Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Imagine a Doorway

Only two pages done today, because it's been a long day.
First, a grueling trip around town to talk to several people about rent increases.
Second, it was hot! Fortunately, it wasn't humid. And I only hope that the hurricane down south (pummel Texas while you're down there), doesn't bring any humidity and heat up this way. [Yet, expect 106 degrees tomorrow].
Then, the come-down, trying to relax. It took awhile to get into the groove. I felt good, just listening to various versions of Glen and Marketa's Falling Slowly (ugh, I had to type that several times). After about an hour of that, I finally put out two pages of a Twilight Zone-like movie script. I'm sure the output will increase when I get deep into the groove. It's still the first draft...; nothing to worry about!
Appian Way Productions, write me a comment.

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