Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nobody Does It Better Than Money

Vacation slipping away, and nothing to show for it. Today would have been my greatest day of accomplishment, writing wise, but there were problems of the four-wheeled kind. That beast is taking nearly half of my paycheck tomorrow, which means that the next two weeks will be lean again. I did manage to do a little web work last night, but it was very frustrating. The log in process is like an Indiana Jones adventure.

I've managed to keep away from tonight, mostly, and just trying to enjoy the evening. For certain, I'll be hitting the pages. I might try just using FTP instead of the ferocious web manager.

Netflix is trying to host a movie watching record event in Times Square next month, hoping to set a new record for consecutively watched movies; the record stands at just over five days! The most I've ever watched straight is four movies in a day. Most of the time, I'm just watching t.v. and those nasty commercials like, "I've had to re-use catheters because I can't afford to buy new ones." Ugh.

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